The Booming Craft Beer Scene in Loudoun County, VA

Loudoun County, VA has long been known as a mecca for wineries but now it's becoming popular for its craft beer industry too. Learn more about this booming industry and why you should consider starting or locating your business here.

The Booming Craft Beer Scene in Loudoun County, VA

Loudoun County, VA has long been renowned for its wineries, but in recent years the craft beer industry has seen a surge in popularity. Now, some wineries and breweries have even combined forces, giving visitors the choice between beer, wine and much more. The county's booming craft beer industry could soon make it as renowned for its beers and lagers as it is for its varietal wines. Eight craft breweries have opened their doors in Loudoun, and more are in the works.

Last year, 16 permits were requested for beer production in the county, a rate of growth that surpasses the county's growing wine scene. A tourism study revealed that the typical craft beer drinker is a highly educated professional, and many of them work in the fields of technology, education and health. The survey also showed that craft beer drinkers regularly attend tastings and sometimes take an overnight trip to complete their visit. Nearly 75 percent of respondents said they visited two to three breweries per trip, supporting the creation of a beer route comparable to several popular wine routes in Loudoun. About 80 percent of respondents indicated that they had also visited local restaurants, historic sites and wineries. Recent changes in state laws have been beneficial to craft beer makers in Virginia.

County officials are now considering amendments to the local zoning that governs farm-based breweries, evaluating the possibility of imposing some additional regulation. Once that process is complete, tourism officials anticipate a wave of new brewery permits. Loudoun County has the right mix of resources to make it one of the healthiest counties in Virginia according to the County Health Ranking. Top industry leaders trust their most important digital assets to Loudoun County connectivity. To keep agritourism thriving, the Department of Economic Development and Visit Loudoun have partnered on the Take Loudoun Home campaign.

The county also has the lowest crime rate of the nine Northern Virginia jurisdictions in the national capital area. A SmartAsset study shows that Loudoun residents get more for their money than people in any other Virginia county. If this sounds like an ideal combination of business resources and lifestyle-related services, let us help you start or locate your business in Loudoun County.

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