Loudoun Museum’s Hauntings Tours Needs Volunteers!

The Perfect Opportunity for Actors (professional or amateur), Re-enactors, or just a History Lover and Friendly Out-Going Person!

2016 LOUDOUN MUSEUM’S 24th ANNUAL “HAUNTINGS” WALKING TOURS Friday October 28th and Saturday October 29th

On this popular 90 minute walking tour, (tours leave every 15 minutes from Leesburg Town Hall) guests will be led by a GUIDE through historic downtown Leesburg to various homes and businesses where historically costumed STORYTELLERS will relate the history and the ghostly tales of each site.  This is tastefully done. No chainsaws or fake gore.  We scare folks the old fashioned way…with well-told ghost stories!  What makes the Loudoun Museum’s Annual Hauntings tours unique is that guests are permitted to enter some of the haunted premises.  Better yet; each year some scripts/stories must be updated because of new occurrences during the past year!

ADULT VOLUNTEER OPPORTUNITIES: (preference given to those who commit to both nights)

STORYTELLER:  (may require audition and two night commitment needed)

  • Learn the short 5 to 7 minute script (history & ghostly tale) for their site
  • Script may be a monologue or a dialogue/vignette with another storyteller
  • You retell/perform every 15 minutes for each tour group (approx 15 x per night)
  • Dress in the appropriate historical garb (Museum will assist)
  • Keep the story telling brisk (but not hurried) to avoid tour backups
  • Keep the mood of the “Hauntings” tour
  • Do not add to story
  • Enjoy yourself!


  • Needs to be familiar with tour route.
  • Announces tour departure and gathers group at Town Hall
  • Explains safety concerns and rules.
  • Leads tour group to each Hauntings site keeping a brisk pace to the next site to insure that tours stay on time.
  • Responsible (with Sweep) for keeping group together
  • Responsible for calling for assistance if there is a problem or injury in group
  • Helpful to be familiar with the history of Leesburg (museum will provide) in case there is a back-up at a site
  • BONUS: You get to hear all the ghost stories, too!

SWEEP:  (could be a responsible older teen related to the Tour Guide)

  • Assigned to a tour Guide and group
  • Follows group making sure no one gets lost or separated
  • Assists guide and group with crossing the street
  • Keeps the tour on the brisk pace set by the Guide to insure that tours stay on time.
  • Good training to be a tour guide in future!
  • If there is a problem or injury, stays with injured person(s) – guide will keep group moving
  • BONUS: You get to hear all the ghost stories, too!

If you are interested in any of these volunteer opportunities or have any questions, please contact:  info@LeesburgHauntings.org or 703-777-7427.