Since 1991, Loudoun Museum’s annual Leesburg Hauntings Tours have drawn people from around the area and the country.  These 90 minute walking tours take guests through historic downtown Leesburg, VA to various “spirited” homes and businesses. What makes the Hauntings tours unique is that our guests are permitted to enter some of the haunted premises. You’ll be led to these historic homes & businesses in Leesburg where historically costumed storytellers will relate the history and the ghostly tales of each site. The sites vary every year; keeping certain favorite locations. Yet, it’s a different Hauntings Experience each year!

“Once a year through the generosity of the property owners, we’re able take the tours inside several of the haunted places. We have people coming from all over the country for this,” says Peter Kelpinski, Hauntings founder and long-time member of the Loudoun Museum’s Board of Trustees. “We have some sites where the stories need to be updated each year because new occurrences are documented over the past year. “

Hear about the widow who fought to keep her house and has never left- she even helps with the housework; the Civil War Colonel who watches over the office staff during the day and many more spirits that do more than “go bump in the night!”  “Our goal is to leave our guests unsettled, so they’ll be leery of turning off the lights at bedtime and a bit more suspicious of those little sounds one hears during night,” Kelpinski adds with a chuckle. “We scare you the good old fashioned way, with the fine art of well-told ghost stories.”


In this fast paced era of video games and Ipod world, these tours are generally not appropriate for children under 10 years old.  (It’s not that the stories are too scary, it’s that it’s a lot of standing and listening.  Young children generally get tired and fidgety and it’s not fair to the other guests on the tours.)

The spirited 90 minute Tours leave from the Leesburg Town Hall every 15 minutes between 6:00 and 9:00PM.

All proceeds to benefit the Loudoun Museum.